How do you change an 8.5 and 9.5 inch Trikke tire? That is a good question which has probably been asked too many times to count. Installing a new tire on your Trikke carving vehicle can be a challenge, sometimes they are a bear to remove. Changing the 12.5 inch tire is a breeze compared to the 8.5 and 9.5 inch tire. You will also find the Hub Motor 10.0 inch tire change an adventure, Yikes!

Many enthusiasts out there have their own way of changing a tire and tube. I’ve seen some of my fellow carvers on the trail cut some serious time on the change out, I mean quick. We all have a little way of managing those treads on and off. If you are still having trouble getting the hang of it, check out this video “How to Change a Trikke Tire“. I go over two different tire sizes and you get to see me wrestle the 9.5 tire. Grrrrr, Its a booger! Also follow the lubrication tip, It will make all the difference in your next tire change. If you want to see an electric motor tire removal then take a quick look at a HUB motor Tire Removal.


Silicone Spray Tire Install

Spray along the tire bead with a light coat of Silicone Spray.

This little tip may help to get that tire on, off and pressured up a whole lot easier. I use Silicone Spray to make my tire changes a breeze. The spray allows the surface to slip easily where I want it to. The tires bead easily flows over the edge of the rim either removing or installing. The silicone will also evaporate, so no residue to worry about. Be sure to use in a well ventilated area with NO OPEN FLAMES.

The spray is also helpful when pressuring up the tire. The bead seeks its natural center on the rim while your pumping up the tire. It’s always nice to make sure your tire is on as straight as possible. This works for all of the tire sizes.


10 Steps to Removing a Tire on a Trikke 8.5 inch rim

  1. Deflate the tire completely, remove air valve core if you have the right core remover tool
  2. Spray tire bead area with silicone spray
  3. Stand wheel perpendicular to working surface upright with air valve at top
  4. Use nylon tire iron to pry bead over rims edge
  5. Use thumb or palm to hold bead in place
  6. Slide tool forward away from body allowing bead to rise over along rims edge
  7. Remove inner tube
  8. Place tire iron in reverse direction, then wedge in gap along rims edge and elongated tire bead
  9. Tire and tool as one in one hand, rim in the other hand as if praying looking from the top down
  10. Peel tire with tool downward in opposite direction as rim with other hand

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