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On February 9, 2011, in Tips and Tricks, by Trikke Andy
Brake Cable Re-route

Brake Cable Re-route

Keeping your Trikke brake system working properly is a must. Avoiding any pinch points can greatly improve the reliability, performance and life of your cables. The tightest point on any vehicle brake system is usually the cross-over made at the top of the front structure.

To eliminate this high stress point, re-route your brake cables so they cross over at the bottom instead of the top. This will avoid stressing the ferrules, damaging the cable ends and give your carver a nice clean look.

There is no need to re-adjust the cable tension. Simply lift the upper cable sleeve and remove from ferrule saddle. Remove the lower cable so both are now free from the front structure. Lay one cable over the other so your cables are now crossed at the bottom. Re-install your cables in the reverse method just used.

If you are having trouble lifting the cable out, it may help to de-pressure the tires allowing more play to get the cable free on scrub brake systems. For those with disc brakes, two turns counter-clockwise on the disc pad will allow enough space to free the cable. Use a three mm hex-tool on the actuator arm pilot hole to adjust the pad. After the cable is re-installed, adjust the pad to the original position.

This little change will improve your brake systems response and preserve the life of the cable. Not to mention it looks really cool.

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