Carving anywhere

On April 4, 2013, in Trikke Review, by Trikke Andy

For most of us who own a trikke, learning to ride at first was either a challenge or natural. Some may have needed guidance from a friend or trainer to get them on their way. As the groove came on and the enjoyment of riding over took them, a sense of I can do anything rains upon you. Your skills improve and you begin to look at what else Trikke has to offer you. Body, Electric and gravity. What?  gravity. So what’s next? What else is there? And the research begins.

Then out of the corner of your eye, you spot this crazy looking mountain bike type skki machine flowing down the mountain with stability, grace, and a cool factor times 10. You cant help say to yourself, “I have to try that, what the hell is it?

The Trikke carving vehicle comes in many flavors. The one that started it all was the body powered fitness machine. your body is fully engaged with every turn, all muscles working in unison. A workout and fun dance all in one. Trikke did not rest on their morales. The Trikke skki seemed to be a natural for the carving down the mountain slopes. Hell, the carver was designed to bomb hills in the first place.

As your journey begins, check out for some help and guidance. That’s the Trikke Andy promise. See ya round the next turn!

Trikke So Cal Carvers

Summer Trikke Ride in Southern California

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