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SouthBay Trikke Promotes Pon-e’s on Patrol to Local Police

Sean Tice and I introduce the electric Trikke to officers from the Hawthorne Police Department.

Yesterday, police in Hawthorne, CA, hosted a meet-and-greet at a local McDonald’s, giving area residents a chance to get acquainted with the latest addition to the department’s lineup of patrol vehicles: three Segways.

Naturally, we at SouthBay Trikke thought this was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to our South Bay neighbors, courtesy, of course, our own brand of ultralight electric vehicles, the Trikke Tribred Pon-e.

So bright and early in the morning, Sean Tice and I mounted our 48-volt Pon-e’s and carved our way towards Mickey D’s in Hawthorne at Rosecrans Boulevard, near the 405 freeway.

Once there, we cruised around the lot a few times, giving us a chance to make a grand entrance while scoping out our competition. Next, we tied off our three-wheel Pon-e’s adjacent to the two-wheel Segways and entered the joint like cowboys entering a wild west saloon.

“I knew you guys would be here!” said one Sergeant Chris Cognac after spotting us immediately. Sean and I smiled at one another. Did the Trikke gods send messages of our pending arrival? Had a secret society been at work behind the scenes? Or had someone been reading the Daily Breeze, the local paper that had just published a story about the Segwayed cops (complete with comments from SouthBay Trikke and some of our fans).

Right away, Sgt. Cognac wanted to see what these carving machines were all about, so we headed back outdoors, where the Segwayed cop met the Trikke. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both vehicles, agreeing that each had its own learning curve. Then Detective John Dixon, another Segwayed cop, joined us to add his perspective.

Both officers took me up on my invitation to mount the Pon-e and both found it to be comfortable and stable. All the while, passers-by ooo’ed and ahhh’ed at the array of electric assist vehicles. These machines caused quite a scene.

To show off the Trikke’s capabilities to the Hawthorne PD, I took a few spins around the parking lot, at one point hopping over the curb onto the sidewalk—a move the Segway dare not try, according to Detective Dixon.

Examining the differences in the two cruisers, the officers said their needs where best met by the Segway. To them, the Trikke’s ability to turn around in a tight space was up for debate. Hastily, I mounted my three-wheeler to show them the Pon-e was up for the job.

Whatever their flavor, the electric vehicle is here to stay and will be welcomed with open arms by both municipalities and consumers.

After a cup of joe and a muffin, we shook hands with the officers and said our goodbyes. As Sean and I mounted our electric thoroughbreds to head back to SouthBay Trikke, we couldn’t help wondering if we might someday see policemen on Pon-e’s, patrolling the streets of America.

Andy Pliska is president of SouthBay Trikke, official local dealer of TrikkeWorld.
Photos by Sean Tice, Trikke trainer from SouthBay Trikke.


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