Ides of March

On May 15, 2011, in Skki Land, by Trikke Andy

Steve’s Corner
Monday, March 15 – (beware the ‘Ides of March’) — Ski Apache – cruising the 12 mile accent to the mountain madness that is Spring Break. To understand just how many ‘breakers’ and families have hit town — the ride up to Apache took almost 2 hours, instead of the usual 20 to 30 minutes!

Along with the usual long line of cars and trucks — a couple of city sized RVs and a massive horse trailer were also winding their way up — which I assumed was the reason for the slow going — but then a Tow Truck with a seriously crumpled car (looked like a roll-over) came barreling down.

An incredible snow event began in the early morning hours and continued to drop powder – the entire mountain was mostly in ‘white out’ conditions – all day long! I’ve seen all kinds of snow drop on Ski Apache – yesterday, it was like a giant box of Cream of Wheat had been shaken all over. Just the day before – although there was a massive amount of snow pack – it was slushy and made for some sticky Skking.

When fresh powder accumulates, my Skki just flies down and around as if on some anti-gravity cushioning device. Since so much snow was dropping — I took a mogul run, and this time I popped over the humps at speed — pulled up and caught more air than ever. I pushed my skills hard – (with so much powder, it’s actually fun to fall!) – but, no matter how far I pushed the risk factor – I stayed on my Skki – and hardly had to step off all day. From up higher, looking down through a break in the blizzard — the resort looked like a human ant hill! Hundreds of Boarders and Skiers were taking advantage of the epic conditions. What I’m digging about my Skki – is how it can absolutely hold the ICE – with Apolo Ono-like grace and agility — and how it plows through the thickest powder – or just over the top – like a speed boat! When I took up Snowboarding – I was in heaven – finally able to enjoy a Winter Sport. When I grabbed a Skki and took to the two southern most Ski areas in the Northern Hemisphere — I found THE perfect machine for me. I can go all day without cramping in my legs. My knees don’t bitch at me later (as much!). No more stumbling and scooting and rebinding – no more badly caught edges and out of control pinwheeling. I love how I can ride my Skki aggressively or gracefully. The season will soon come to a close and Ski Apache will transform into a hiking and biking venue. The memory of my Rides of March will stay with me as I get back on my street Trikkes. I got more than the usual amount of curious bystanders asking about the Skki — and handed out a bunch of SBT cards and Stickers! For many — seeing how the Skki rides – either with motorcycle like speeds or graceful snow dancing — they’re hot to try one too. I’m hoping to hit the slopes once more (at least!) before all the snow melts. The Mountain Gods have graced Ski Apache with over 212 inches of snow accumulation (so far) this season — and I’m just a lucky SOB to be here, now – with my new ride! (With all the Flying I’m accomplishing on my Skki — next year, I’m definitely going to need those Toe Straps!!!)


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