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March LSM 2013

It felt good to stretch out over the Santa Clarita Valley on one of the coolest carving trails around here in Southern California.

Rene’ and I hooked up with the whole clan for the March Last Saturday of the Month Trikke Ride at the Santa Clarita Valley Sports Complex. We drove up from Torrance a little behind schedule and figured we would miss the early bird down-hill run. Well hell no! as luck would have it, we happened upon the motley crew as they were getting ready to descend the long hill they had just climbed. Irene wrestled the camera ready while I navigated the truck. We were able to get some great shots of the down-hillers and a real cool video run of Quincy cruising down the path.

We parked and unloaded the arsenal. I had brought my Ape 8 for everyone to try, it’s a classic that has to be ridden to be appreciated, more on it next time. I was especially looking forward to seeing Laura and Larry from Wisconsin. I miss those guys and I cant wait to start bs’n with them. The banter is priceless and it’s done with love and spice. Good Shit. After hooking up Laura and Larry with T12’s, we all made our way to the gathering of three-wheeled carvers and began the ritual. Long time renewed friendships, regular encounters and even new carvers all coming together for one Kick Ass LSM Trikke Ride. Hugs, handshakes and plenty of “look what I can do now” confident wails. Christine came all the way from New Mexico and Chad, hell he came from Louisiana. Talk about some dedicated Trikkers.

Trikke Harlem Shake

Trikke Harlem-Shake

This was fun. we all got together and performed a Trikke Harlem Shake. The brain child of Quincy and Monica at least in the Trikke World. QuoMo Harlem Shake. Yep that’s what I’m calling it. I do believe it is the very first of hopefully many Trikke Harlem Shakes to come. This was a really cool idea and a great way to kick off the day.

This ride had many waves and I was part of the long run. The first group jumped in their cars and bailed to a starting point. We would meet with them later. It looked to be around 30 riders total and I would say 75% of those took the long roll. The air looked mild but do not be fooled. The valley is a windy place and today was no different. It was however tame to moderate. The fluffy balls of pollen were everywhere. Like a snowy December dusting.

Happy Trikkers

Gina, Martin, Irene & Chad

We rolled through the back trails of the valley and up to the closed community’s with all the high-end everything. Plush neighborhood. I had to break out a TrikkeAndy Video to catch the moment. We stopped for pictures at our usual rally spot with few issues along the way, or so we thought. That’s about the time when Margarets Pon-e lite began acting up. Like a riled pon-e that had kicked her last buck. Anyway I ended up swapping out my T12 to Irene who then gave her decked out Pon-e lite to Margaret and your Daddy carved the Lite back under human power. Occasionally it would start up, I would swap out trikkes with Rene’ but that never lasted long and I was back on the lame horse.

Trikkers at the pub

Another great ride and finish!

The weather was awesome and the company even better. Larry was nowhere to be seen and neither was Laura. I think they both really enjoyed blasting around on the T12’s. By now we are a moving force, 20 plus strong and rolling to the final destination. The Bar! The one thing this ride is famous for is the ice cold Schooners that quench the riders thirst. And Schooners is the place where it all happens. The best, mmmm damn good beer! Ok Laura now it’s on. The banter begins and the beers are coming in all flavors and towers. That’s right I said towers. They have it and I saw it. yikes.

I did get a chance to go around and visit with everyone. What a great eclectic group I am fortunate to ride with. Always blows my mind at the diversity and the kool kats these people are. Everyone had an amazing time and the stories were all of new and old experiences here in the Santa Clarita Valley. I made my way outside to hang with WW and the amount of Trikkes we had parked outside would blow your mind, truly amazing. We are blessed to have this kind of showing.

The only real drawback to stopping at Schooners is the three miles that still need to be carved to get back to the truck. Poor planning? Not really. It actually felt nice to get that last carving sensation in before we ventured back to the South Bay. There was a nice hill-climb at the end and Rene’ had a few choice words that summed it up well. The journey is always worth the reward. Peace, See ya round the next turn!

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  1. quincy says:

    we had three stages of this why the valley is very big so we could possibly get everybody back on time to get it
    seats at the restaurant had a blast with my Trikke family looking for a great trkke summer..

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