People see the Trikke T12 Roadster and instantly get intimidated. The first response is “no way I cant ride it, uh uh!” Even though the Trikke 12 Roadster is by far easier to ride than the T8 Sport in my experience. Rubbish you say. Bare with me while I pull the pin on this one.

There is a ton of misinformation out there. You can find an argument to support your view very easily, but I have been teaching new people how to ride carving vehicles for a while now and my verdict at the end of the day stands to reason that the Trikke T12 moves much easier than a T8 or comparable.

Make no mistake the T12 is a top of the line carving cruiser like a top down Cadillac. Your not working as hard as that T8 Sports Car. The T12 requires less turning and more leaning. Lean it and she will follow.

The higher center of gravity on the T12 allows the vehicle to drop into the turn easier. The deck area has more real-estate to move around on, hell I ride tandem with my son all the time. The stride is much longer and you tend to glide more.

I met a women with MS who had bought a Pink T78 Deluxe and was having trouble learning how to ride it. She was having serious trouble, working her butt off and not really having fun at it. She came to me with her husband who liked hers but wanted something bigger for himself. She watched her husband cruise effortlessly on the T12. She was convinced she could do it to. Determined, this 5’3″ lady hopped up on the vehicle ready to go. She had seen with her own eyes how easy her husband made it move. To her delight, once on the T12 she was able to glide around and carve very easily. She traded her T78D in for a Copper T12.

The sad thing is that the shorter carvers out there who want to ride the T12 just cant seem to find a fit, till now. We ran a test with Irene who stands at 5’2″. She’s about 100-105lbs, tiny right. She was having a dog of a time with riding the T12 until we tried something different. By swapping out the T12’s higher profile handlebars for the T8’s lower profile gull-wing bar, Irene was now able to get her leverage on top of the bars and ride very effectively. Even to the point where she looked very natural for someone her size.

The deck stands does stand taller by 2.5 inches on the T12. The wheel base extends to 55 inches head to toe. This vehicle is my ride of choice, Especially for the long rides. Who knows, maybe you should fit one into your stable.

If your ever in Southern California, be sure to stop into the SouthBay Trikke for a lesson and a demo.

See ya round the next turn!


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  1. Rich Goff says:

    I have seen others that are not tall, find ways to make a T12 their ride of choice as well, and they seem very happy with it. The height of the front structure and the handle bars in relation to their body seems to be the focal issue. It seems the front structure on older T12 ‘s is lower and can help lower the bars in some cases. Another approach that some have tried is to reverse the handle bars, to allow them to get their upper body on top of the column better. I think Dan Marazan has been experimenting with this, He thinks this solution reduces his power stroke and his hill climbing strength, but for longer distance and cruzing he thinks it helps him. Suggest you might want to check with him for current insight before exploring this option. Another guy that has found a way to modify his T12 to his stature is Carvver John. John has a sweet stroke and can really make his T 12 go! He found that his arms were forced too wide to retain power, so in addition to going with a shorter front structure, he actually narrowed his handle bars. This gave him better power and helped him feel he could get better performance. I am not suggesting either as your answer, but I do think the T12 is a great ride and well worth considering!

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