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On February 10, 2011, in Trikke Personalities, by Trikke Andy
Wilson the Silverlake Trikker

Wilson Wong "The Silverlake Trikker"

Here’s a great review I’d like to share from one of our loyal customers, Wilson, aka Silverlake Trikker. Thanks, Wilson!

Why go to Andy and the good folks @ SouthBay Trikke?
 In a word, KNOWLEDGE! These guys know what they’re doing! Like most people, I saw a commercial, got interested, then saw one at Sports Chalet and made the purchase.

Not knowing the difference, I filled the tires with air (80 psi.) and I was off on my journey. Or so I thought! After two months of carving, I needed new rubber all around. I started my search with They referred me to Within minutes, they contacted me with answers to my questions. That same day, I was able to arrange a meeting time to get the tires I needed installed!

Upon meeting Andy, One look at my T8 and he already knew. . . the assembly of my Trikke was all wrong! Brakes were installed loosely and rattled (we all know what that’s like), The front wheel hub was installed but was off centered and loose as well. Then there was the Handle bars! Andy explained the how and why they were mounted wrong and where they should be mounted. I left his shop with a brand new Trikke! Well, that’s what it felt like.

It’s nice that Sports Chalet and Dick’s Sporting Goods is displaying and stocking the Trikke at their stores. It’s great exposure! But if you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, Call Andy and his team! They’ll set you up right the first time and have you rockin’ and rollin’ before you know it!

Thanks Andy! Since my tune up and tire change, I now ride at least two hours a day (or night), have lost about 20 lbs. and feel great! Folks around the Silverlake reservoir have been asking “what is that?” and besides talking it! I’ve also been giving them your card or directing them to your website. If they get half the customer service I received, I’m sure they’ll leave not only with a trikke under their feet but a smile on their face.

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