Southern California: Trikkers Paradise

On February 3, 2011, in Trikke Land, by Trikke Andy
Trikking in Hermosa Beach

Trikking in Hermosa Beach

Living in Southern California has many advantages. Our weather is usually good and it rarely rains here. We have beautiful beaches and wonderful scenery. Our valleys go for miles, our mountains have snow half the year, and we can choose to visit any of these areas within 2-3 hours.

For trikkers, this means paradise. The many riding terrains we get to play on are more diverse than anywhere else in the world. Cruise the beach in the morning and hit the mountains after lunch. Here in the South Bay, we have an amazing ridership with interesting places to explore, such as the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Long Beach Trikke Land

Long Beach Trikke Land

Long Beach offers a scenic trip through town with large paths seemingly made for trikking. Enjoy views of the Queen Mary, the Lighthouse, the Grand Prix course and the downtown skyline. The newly dubbed Trikkers Landing at the end of Naples Peninsula is a favorite midway point of interest after a long carving session. Here you can watch sailboats come in and out of the harbor while lying in the grass under a shady tree.

The Aliso Creek trail in Orange County travels from the beach to Cook’s Corner, a famous Harley Davidson hangout. This 13-mile, 1300-foot vertical incline puts your hill climbing skills to the test and you guessed it, has a fantastic descent back to the beach. Carving through the city, underneath freeways, around golf courses and past cemeteries feels like a fantasy trip to grandma’s house. The path weaves through scenic views of great wildlife and new mysteries around every bend.

The South Bay has a trail that carves along the strand from Palos Verdes to Santa Monica, passing great restaurants and beautiful beachside homes along the way. The sand is usually filled with sun-drenched beachgoers surfing, hang gliding, playing volleyball and of course, trikking. Once you hit Santa Monica and Venice Beach, you’re in for a unique treat: the most colorful and diverse group of people you could ever imagine.

Trikke Skki Carve

Get your carve on!

And we can’t forget about our majestic mountains. Visitors to Mountain High East and Mt. Baldy can enjoy the Trikke Skki, the carving vehicle taking ground as an easy way to enjoy the powder.

Each resort has its own feel. Mt. Baldy has the air of an old Hollywood hangout nestled in the woods with a family-owned touch that is unmistakeably visible. A day at Baldy promises memories that will last forever.

Don’t own a Trikke Skki? You can give it a whirl at Mountain High, the first resort in the country to offer the cool carving vehicles for rent with 25 available. And it’s only two hours from the ocean, a far cry from being buried in snow for half the year. The runs are great and you can Skki in your t-shirt.

Ventura has a back-hills country feel with vineyards and large open parses of land finely groomed to perfection. The paths and roads are open to wheeled vehicles of all kinds. The now famous Ventura 100K Trikke Ride is an annual event that draws riders from all over the country.

SouthBay Trikke is constantly finding new places to explore and we enjoy meeting new riders along the way. If you haven’t seen our group rides around the area, you will soon, so join the trikke culture and get your carve on. All levels are welcomed.

For more carving adventures in Trikkers Paradise, be sure to follow us in SouthBay Trikke Life, a special section of TrikkeWorld Magazine, the chronicle of the carving revolution.

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