Trikke Rearview Mirror

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Trikke Mirror

Handlebar Mounted Trikke Mirrors

Keeping track of whats behind you can be made easier by mounting a mirror to your Trikke. Trikke’s new addition to the carving vehicle is the Rear view mirror. The rear coverage is good and objects are closer than they appear. The Trikke rear view mirror is reasonably priced at $13 as of this writing. The new mirror mounts on the T8 and T8H Pone via the handlebars. Screw the receiver mount onto the handlebar end with a 5mm bolt. Then slide the mirror into the mount, tighten the phillips head screw and you are ready to roll.

We tried the mirror on both sides of the handlebars. I prefer the left side only. On the electric vehicle you may prefer using two mirrors.

Trikke rearview Mirror

Get a good look at what’s behind you

Unfortunately we are unable to mount them onto the bars of a T12. This lead us to find a new location for the mirror mounting on a new T12 Roadster. We mounted this style right onto the front structure. The vehicle folded well and the mirror was just enough out of the way that it did not disturb the ride. These are available at

See ya round the next turn.

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  1. Shelly says:

    Great solution, Andy. Glad to see this option after our convo at LV academy.

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